RetreadThe company runs on a 24-hour service basis, whereby tyres brought in before 5 PM are inspected, retreaded and ready for collection, or if preferred, delivered to the customer, by the next day.

Every tyre that passes through the TAIFA retread process undergoes a series of inspections carried out by skilful workers. This ensures the re-usability of the tyres, which is crucial for the safety of the vehicles.

The Tread Rubber used comes in 2 varieties, Bremels (India) and Kayel (Malaysia), under which several patterns are available for Trailer and Diff.



Considering the high cost of a new tyre, the company also offers a range of Stock Tyres which consist of first grade retreaded casings, with the customer’s choice of tread rubber, at a lower cost.

Cushion Gum (For Sale)h-Cushion-Gum

Manufactured from Natural Rubber for excellent tack adhesion properties and shelf life, our imported Cushion gum is ensured consistency in quality by high standards maintained from the raw materials used to the final stage of production.

It is available in the cure temperature of 125°C.

Tread Rubber (For Sale)

Made from superior compounds, and available in 2 sizes, the good tensile strength and high abrasion resistance properties on our imported Tread Rubber (Trailer Pattern) leads to better cost per kilometre.