About us

To be Kenya’s most reliable supplier of PVC Cables, Copper Wires and Retreaded & Stock Tyres, setting standards of excellence in processing and marketing of our products to meet and exceed the customer’s needs/expectations.

To use our resources to offer a variety of customer-oriented products that meet high quality standards and are competitively priced for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Integrity, Trust and Respect.

TAIFA CABLES & RETREADS is a manufacturer of PVC Cables & Copper Wires (Bare, Annealed & Super Enamelled) and a Retreader of tyres for commercial trucks. The company is a leading regional player in both the copper and retread industries, with over 10 years of experience. TAIFA has a factory for each division equipped with modern machines and skilled workers, strategically located in the Liwatoni area of Mombasa.

TAIFA CABLES manufactures and distributes quality PVC Cables and Super Enamelled Copper Winding Wire, supplying the local market and neighbouring East African countries such as Tanzania & Uganda. We also produce Bare and Annealed copper wire as per customer requirements.

TAIFA RETREADS deals with the Retread of customer casings, and supply of Stock Retreads, Maintenance-free Batteries and Steel Rims. We also offer Mobile Wheel Alignment (MWA) and Tyre Management System (TMS) services.